NIN launches personal nutrition advisor app

Health- and fitness-conscious can now rely on a personal nutrition advisor — Nutrify India Now — to keep track of what they eat and its nutritional value.

The app launched by the Hyderabad-based Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute of Nutrition (ICMR-NIN) can be downloaded from Android and iOS platforms.

It acts as a nutri-guide that would help users keep track of energy balance, while providing comprehensive nutritional information on Indian foods, and common Indian recipes, including calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

It is authentic since it uses specifically Indian guidelines prescribed by the ICMR, well-researched India-specific databases, Indian foods and recipes and their nutrition information. Other apps draw from databases and guidelines from foreign sources.

Moreover, it makes available raw food names in 17 Indian languages, apart from scientific names and is tailored to providing the most comprehensive nutritional guide to Indian users.

According to Hemalatha, Director of ICMR-NIN, information regarding 19 nutrients is provided in the app and these include Protein (g), Fat (g), Fibre (g), Carbohydrate (g), Energy (Kcal), Vitamin B2 (mg), Vitamin B6 (mg), Vitamin B9 (mcg), Vitamin C (mg), Vitamin A (mcg), Total carotenoids (mcg), Vitamin D2 (mcg), Vitamin D3 (mcg), Iron (mg), Zinc (mg), Potassium (mg), Sodium (mg), Calcium (mg) and Saturated fat (g).

Wherever required, text information of the particular component is provided for easy understanding.

There are six components of the app — My nutrient requirements, Nutrients in my foods, My Diet and Activity, Search foods by nutrients, Foods by language and Info. Nutritional information on diet intake of the user and two more sub-users can be retained for seven days.

Users can also search foods by nutrients, which enables them to look up for the foods that are rich in nutrients of their interest and even access such information only if the food’s name is known in local language.

It was released by Balram Bhargava, Secretary, Department of Health Research and Director-General, ICMR, in New Delhi. He said it was relevant to people and going to be an important part of the Prime Minister’s National Nutrition Mission.

In addition, it would be the first step towards ICMR’s renewed focus on combating non-communicable diseases (NCDs).